Hyundai IT is the market leader in the Digital Signage industry.

System Size
  • ISO 9001
    QMS : Quality Management System This certificate indicates that the company?s supply capability fully meets the needs of customers, and also for fulfilling the requirements of applicable laws (August 1993).
  • ISO 14001
    QMS : Quality Management System This certificate indicates that the company is an environment-friendly corporation whose production activities have a minimal negative influence on the environment (July 2000).
  • Overseas Safety Standards
    Safety Standards to protect the human body from electric shocks and fires
  • DHHS
    International standards on X-Ray equipped with CDT that may harm the human body
  • Electric Wave Standards
    EMI : Standards that restrict the degree of generated electromagnetic waves that are possibly harmful * USA (FCC), Europe (CE), Japan (VCCI) EMS : Standards that induce normal functions to operate under proper conditions in accordance with the environment where an obstacle by electromagnetic waves * Europe (CE) MPR-? : Standards that restrict the generation of extremely low frequency that may harm the human body * Sweden (MPR-II)
  • Environment
    TCO'99,03,ISO 13406-2 Standards for environment-friendly certificate that restrict electromagnetic waves, safety, consuming power, ergonomic research, and ecology Sweden (TCO),Germany(ISO 13406-2)
  • Domestic
    K (Safety Certificate Mark) Standards that guarantees the domestically sold products equally meet overseas safety and electric wave conditions, and EMI and EMS regulations MIC (Information Communication Device Certificate) Standards that minimize the loss of human life and property resulting from communication errors and malfunctions due to unnecessary electric waves, other devices, and the external electric waves e (Energy saving Mark) Standards that meet the regulations in electric-saving type devices in a state of saving power at a time when the electricity is less consumed after they are converted into the state
  • Others
    LCD PANEL PIXEL SPEC LCD PANEL, its PIXEL at 1 RPM (1/1Mil.) may be seen brightly or darkly due to the technological limit under manufacturing process, which does not affect the product performance. The Number of LCD PIXELs by Type - Type 15: 2,359,296 units
    - Type 17: 3,932,160 units
    - Type 18: 3,932,160 units
    - Type 19: 3,932,160 units