Hyundai IT is the market leader in the Digital Signage industry.

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    이 이미지는 아래 텍스트와 내용이 동일합니다.

    Hyundai IT is the market leader in the Digital Signage industry.

    Hyundai IT has accumulated the technology knowhow for more than 20 years in the Digital Signage industry.
    Hyundai IT is manufacturing and supplying the display monitors to the major ministries in U.S., and proud of its achievement to market the world’s first real-time 3D broadcasting TV.
    In the field of digital signage, Hyundai IT has extended its market share and competitiveness by introducing innovative technologies in the outdoor display; revolutionizing the product quality & reliability.
    For over 3 year, Hyundai IT has been focused on the development of the Smart Office solution and has introduced the IFPD for corporate use.
    Continual improvement and the “go beyond” mindset are important parts of our corporate culture. We spend a lot of time recruiting and training the right people and collecting the best practices and ideas in order to develop products that can be differentiated from others, primordially to survive in this ever-changing environment.


    Hyundai IT has been spun-off from Hyundai Electronics, and since then, we have specialized in manufacturing Digital Signage products and IFPDs.


    Signed supply agreement with Agro-Fisheries market in Istanbul, 01
    Turkey for Outdoor Digital Signage products.
    Signed supply agreement with the Ministry of Transportation 01
    and the National Police Agency in Indonesia for IFPDs


    05 Registration of Hyundai IFPD as outstanding
    product in the Public Procurement Service in Korea
    09 Signed supply agreement with Aerospace Superior Industry (KAI)
    Promotion Center for Digital Signage products.
    10 Signed supply agreement with
    Ministry of Interior of Egypty for Digital Signage products.
    11 Signed supply agreement with Aerospace Superior Industry (KAI)
    Promotion Center for IFPDs.
    12 Launch of Meeting Mate V.2.0, the annotation
    software designed for corporate use


    Supply of Outdoor Digital Signage 01
    products to IETT Bus Shelter in Turkey
    Patent registration for IFPD 05
    Supply of Double-sided Kiosk to Korail (KTX) 08
    Strategic alliance agreement with Kyodocom of Japan 10


    11 Launched Hyundai IFPD for corporate use
    12 Hyundai IT spun off from Hyundai IBT


    Supplied Digital Signage at Citron in Europe 01
    Launched the 46” 3D TV in Korea 05
    Launched the LED Monitor 07
    Launched the Super Narrow Bezel 3D Multi Wall 09


    02 Supplied Digital Signage Art Wall at Gimpo Airport in Korea
    03 Received the Best of Fose
    for Display Devise part at FOSE 2009, USA
    07 Supplied Digital Signage at Cyprus Ariport for Advertisement


    2008 Commercializes the world’s first real-time 3D-receiving TV 04
    (Launches the Japanese-oriented 3D TV)
    Established its plants of Outdoor Digital Signage 12
    2007 Supplied Hyundai monitors to the U.S. Department of Defense 06
    Launched Premium 61cm Wide Monitors - W240D 07
    2006 Established branch office in Germany for production and services 05
    Launched the 116cm Full HD - E465D 12


    2005 03 Launched the Digital Tuner Integrator - Full Line-up
    2004 11 Took over Gimcheon Plants
    and Production facilities in Gyeongsangbuk-do
    2003 08 Expended into the digital TV market
    2002 02  Received the “Grand Prize in Electronics Industry”
    award sponsored by the Korea Electronics Association
    2000 05 Established under name of "Hyundai ImageQuest"